Youtube Dark Modes in 4 Easy Steps for Android & Google Chrome.

Youtube Dark Modes in 3 Easy Steps for Android & Google Chrome.

YouTube is evolving day by day thanks to its improvements in performance and stability, bug fixes and some interesting features. One such feature of YouTube that needs to be talked about is its “Youtube Dark mode” feature.

It’s a secret feature, so many of you might not be aware of this. Hey guys, You are reading Techgalatta Website. All right then, whos ready for Dark Mode on the Android version of YouTube? As well as YouTube Dark Mode in google chrome.

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Activate the “Dark Theme” Mode in Android mobile and Google Chrome Browser.

And I’ve made this post to brief you guys about this YouTube “Youtube Dark mode” feature. There’s nothing too complicated about this. “Dark mode” is simply a “Night mode” version of YouTube.

It doesn’t require any special rooting of your phone, no hacks as it has been in the past. This is being rolled out by YouTube right now, there have been news stories throughout the day on this.

How to enable dark mode on YouTube for Google Chrome Browser?

This secret mode though appears to be available solely on the latest updated versions of Google Chrome(version 57 and above) So here’s how you can activate the Dark mode on Google Chrome. 

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser, and then go to the youtube to enabling dark mode. Mac users also follow the same method. Here you can find your profile image on the top right corner as shown in this picture. 

youtube dark mode techgalatta

Step 2. Click on “Dark Theme off” to turn on the feature. This will help you to enable dark mode on youtube.

youtube dark mode techgalatta

Step 3. Now slide the Dark Theme icon to ON the Dark mode feature, You can also turn off by the same way.

youtube dark mode techgalatta

Step 4. Now enjoy your dark mode on youtube. 

youtube dark mode techgalatta

Click the main settings menu on the top right and find the ‘Dark Mode’ section. Toggle ‘Dark Mode’ on and that’s it. So that’s it for this video guys.Sit back and protect your eyes by using the YouTube Dark mode when the lights go off. And I will see you in the next one.

How to enable dark mode on YouTube for Android?

The Article is all about your user experience on YouTube. And people have been asking for the dark mode version of YouTube on Android for years now. So let’s show you How to enable Dark mode on YouTube for Android mobile.

This is a super exciting moment for me for two reasons. First of all, getting dark mode on YouTube for Android is fantastic and save my battery performance.

Before proceeding the tutorial on “youtube dark mode” make sure your youtube application is the latest version. If it’s not then updated to latest version, just go to play store and type youtube and click on update option to update. After successfully installation follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Open the Youtube application, click your profile icon to access more setting option. Click on General to access dark mode them.

youtube dark mode techgalatta

Step 2. Slide on the Dark theme to turn on the Dark theme mode, Now all is done, you can able to see your youtube now turned on dark mode itself. 

youtube dark mode techgalatta

Try the same method for other OS Like IOS, Windows and etc.

All of which leaves us with one burning voting poll right up here, now that you have a choice on any device, will you be using YouTube dark mode or the classic YouTube light mode? We’re excited to see the results. Now, we’re always looking for new YouTube features that keep cropping up.

Benefits of night mode on YouTube?
  1. Night mode on YouTube is to make it easy on your eyes at night.
  2. Nobody likes a bright white background while lying on his bed while pressing his eyes
  3. Some people prefer more traditional white than black ones. Night mode gives you more aesthetically pleasing to YouTube
  4. Night mode for YouTube and with the help of F.lux, it makes it easy on the eyes
  5. Blue Light Filter The best thing about night mode is that it helps you to reduce eye pain.
  6. Matching the screen brightness will make it easier for you to keep your eyes safe for nearby light.
  7. This way you will feel like reading a book every time you work in front of your computer.
  8. In addition, the blue light filter is designed to prevent night tension of eyes.
  9. IRIS will optimize screen pulse by controlling the brightness without the need of PWM.
  10. This means that you can use the computer without worrying about any a headache for a long time, and it is extremely helpful.
  11. Finally, Iris helps you to boost your sleep patterns.
  12. This will improve rapidly in the manner of response to blue light during day and night.
  13. As you can see, using the night mode Iris Blue Light Filter is very important.
  14. It helps you to sleep better, you do not have to deal with eye pain now, and you can also prevent the tone of eyes.
Final words.

Thanks for reading this article, We hope you learne about How to enable youtube Dark Mode and how to activate the dark mode in google chrome as well as Android mobile. Share your thoughts in the comment.

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