Viral Video: Sarabali (Narabali) in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan? Know what is the truth

Viral Video: Sarabali (Narabali) in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan? Know what is the truth

On the occasion of Navaratri immersion, a video of turning a child into a whole village by sacrificing a child is constantly becoming viral in the social media. In this video, people are seen taking procession by placing a child’s cut head on a plate. People are continuously sharing it on social media as a sacrifice. After coming to the front of the video, there was a stir in the police administration. After gathering information about the video, the Rajasthan Police has given a clean sweep in this case on their official Twitter handle.

See the video which is viral on social media.

The Truth Behind Sarabali In Rajasthan.

In his tweet, Rajasthan police wrote, “In the video of social media, in the Bhilwara district, in the process of sacrificing a procession in the village by sacrificing children, entertainment was confused by giving the form of superstition. In fact it is a dramatic form of entertainment, like every year, with magic feats in Navratri. Village Khakhla’s program has been wrongly viral.

According to the information, in Khakhla village, Gangapur police station of Bhilwara district, the anniversary program is organized every year on the last day of Navaratri. Every year on the occasion of Dussehra, Khakhela village, famous for the occult, collects jovara for immersion of villages. This year also the festival was taken out in the village on Friday. During this time, a bunting head was placed in the plate, allegedly on a plate. In the procession there is a person running forward holding a sword, which is blooded. A large number of people in the village are also present in the video while traveling.

Plice Tweeted About the Sarabali of Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

Bhilwara police has also tweeted a photo from his Twitter handle, which states that the child in the video is alive. The video is praised by the video on Oct. 18 and the latest picture of the baby is given on October 20. It has also been tried by the police to clarify that nothing has happened to the child shown in the video and it is completely healthy and alive.

After this video was viral, the police examined it, in which the whole case was found to be fake. Police say that Chikha’s head was placed in a plate while showing tricks rather than Sarabali. In this case, when NBT Online talked to the SP office of Bhilwara, the reply was received, “Sarabali’s word is absolutely false. All this is nothing more than tricks. An explanation has been issued on our behalf. ‘

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