Sun Direct Recharge Plans 2018 | Sun DTH SD+ & HD Packages & Prices

sun direct recharge plans offers 2018

Sun Direct DTH Online Recharge  Plans Offers [2018]| Sun DTH SD+ & HD Packages & Prices

Sun Direct is one of the preferred DTH service providers From South India and has more than 10 Million customers in India. It provides HD clear quality video to the users and it is the best DTH service to provide customers with clear and quality service at affordable prices. Sun direct is the joint venture between the sun network of Kalanithi Maran and Malaysia’s Astro group.

Hi viewers, Here you will get the complete information about Sun direct Latest packages List their price and Sun direct recharge plans 2018-2019. To know the Sun direct packages details with price keep reading this post completely and I am sure you will get definitely what you want exactly. It has different packages as per your convenience here you will get Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, and Annual sun direct Recharge Plans subscription and Price List.

Sun Direct Packages and Channel List

Now Sun directs DTH added more new channels at the same price to the customers, subscribers can enjoy the latest blockbusters, live matches, Top TV programs, All Sports channels, all language programs and more In Clear HD Quality. Sun direct recharge plans, It’s completely worth for recharge to sun direct your preferred channels. It provides a convenient and comfortable to recharge very easily through online and offline stores.

Sun Direct Monthly Recharge Plan Price List

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plan For 1 Month

1 monthSouth Kushi Pack250
1 monthSouth Value pack230
1 monthCinema + Sprots Pack280
1 monthChild Cinema + Sprots Pack240
1 monthSuper value pack330
1 monthMega Pack399
1 monthROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)300
1 monthROI Apna Pack199
1 monthROI Sapna Pack249
1 monthHD Prime South Value Pack South290
1 monthHD Prime South Kushi Pack310
1 monthHD Prime South Cinema + Sports Pack340
1 monthHD Prime Super Value pack390
1 monthHD Prime MEGA459
1 monthHD Prime ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)360
1 monthHD Supreme South Value Pack South350
1 monthHD Supreme South Kushi Pack370
1 monthHD Supreme South Cinema + Sprots Pack400
1 monthHD Supreme Super Value pack450
1 monthHD Supreme Mega Pack519
1 monthHD Supreme ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)420
1 monthHD Ultra South Cinema + Sports Pack460
1 monthHD Ultra Super Value pack510
1 monthHD Ultra Mega Pack579
1 monthHD Ultra ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)480
1 monthAVAILABLE ONLY IN TAMIL NADU: 169 denomination is available only for Tamil Economy Pack169
1 monthTelugu , Kannada & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic180
1 monthHD Prime ROI Apna Pack259
1 monthHD Prime ROI Sapna Pack309
1 monthHD Supreme ROI Apna Pack319
1 monthHD Supreme ROI Sapna Pack369
1 monthHD Ultra ROI Apna Pack379
1 monthHD Ultra ROI Sapna Pack429

Sun Direct Quarterly Recharge Plan Price List

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plan For 3 Month

3 monthsTamil Economy Pack Basic444
3 monthsTelugu &Kannada & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic507
3 monthsSouth Kushi Pack720
3 monthsSouth Value pack650
3 monthsCinema + Sprots Pack800
3 monthsChild Cinema + Sprots Pack700
3 monthsSuper value pack950
3 monthsMega pack1150
3 monthsROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)850
3 monthsROI Apna Pack555
3 monthsROI Sapna Pack701
3 monthsHD Prime South Value Pack South830
3 monthsHD Prime South Kushi Pack900
3 monthsHD Prime South Cinema + Sports Pack980
3 monthsHD Prime Super Value pack1130
3 monthsHD Prime MEGA1330
3 monthsHD Prime ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)1030
3 monthsHD Supreme South Value Pack South1010
3 monthsHD Supreme South Kushi Pack1070
3 monthsHD Supreme South Cinema + Sprots Pack1160
3 monthsHD Supreme Super Value pack1310
3 monthsHD Supreme Mega Pack1500
3 monthsHD Supreme ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)1200
3 monthsHD Ultra South Cinema + Sports Pack1320
3 monthsHD Ultra Super Value pack1450
3 monthsHD Ultra Mega Pack1660
3 monthsHD Ultra ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)1360
3 monthsHD Prime ROI Apna Pack750
3 monthsHD Prime ROI Sapna Pack890
3 monthsHD Supreme ROI Apna Pack920
3 monthsHD Supreme ROI Sapna Pack1050
3 monthsHD Ultra ROI Apna Pack1100
3 monthsHD Ultra ROI Sapna Pack1240

Sun Direct Half Yearly Recharge Price Plan List

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plan For 6 Month

6 monthsTamil Economy Pack Basic777
6 monthsTelugu &Kannada & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic1014
6 monthsSouth Kushi Pack1400
6 monthsSouth Value pack1300
6 monthsCinema + Sprots Pack1600
6 monthsChild Cinema + Sprots Pack1350
6 monthsSuper value pack1900
6 monthsMega pack2250
6 monthsROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)1700
6 monthsHD Prime South Value Pack South1650
6 monthsHD Prime South Kushi Pack1750
6 monthsHD Prime South Cinema + Sports Pack1950
6 monthsHD Prime Super Value pack2260
6 monthsHD Prime MEGA2610
6 monthsHD Prime ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)2050
6 monthsHD Supreme South Value Pack South2010
6 monthsHD Supreme South Kushi Pack2100
6 monthsHD Supreme South Cinema + Sprots Pack2300
6 monthsHD Supreme Super Value pack2620
6 monthsHD Supreme Mega Pack2950
6 monthsHD Supreme ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)2400
6 monthsHD Ultra South Cinema + Sports Pack2630
6 monthsHD Ultra Super Value pack2900
6 monthsHD Ultra Mega Pack3250
6 monthsHD Ultra ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)2710
6 monthsHD Prime ROI Apna Pack1460
6 monthsHD Prime ROI Sapna Pack1740
6 monthsHD Supreme ROI Apna Pack1800
6 monthsHD Supreme ROI Sapna Pack2080
6 monthsHD Ultra ROI Apna Pack2130
6 monthsHD Ultra ROI Sapna Pack2420

Sun Direct Annual Recharge Price Plan List

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plan For 12 Month/1 Year

12 monthsTamil Economy Pack Basic1499
12 monthsTelugu &Kannada & Malayalam Economy Pack Basic2028
12 monthsSouth Kushi Pack2700
12 monthsSouth Value pack2500
12 monthsCinema + Sprots Pack3000
12 monthsChild Cinema + Sprots Pack2600
12 monthsSuper value pack3600
12 monthsMega pack4300
12 monthsROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)3200
12 monthsHD Prime South Value Pack South3210
12 monthsHD Prime South Kushi Pack3400
12 monthsHD Prime South Cinema + Sports Pack3700
12 monthsHD Prime Super Value pack4310
12 monthsHD Prime MEGA5020
12 monthsHD Prime ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)3910
12 monthsHD Supreme South Value Pack South3900
12 monthsHD Supreme South Kushi Pack4100
12 monthsHD Supreme South Cinema + Sprots Pack4400
12 monthsHD Supreme Super Value pack5010
12 monthsHD Supreme Mega Pack5700
12 monthsHD Supreme ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)4600
12 monthsHD Ultra South Cinema + Sports Pack5000
12 monthsHD Ultra Super Value pack5600
12 monthsHD Ultra Mega Pack6300
12 monthsHD Ultra ROI Value Plus (Mega Shine)5200
12 monthsHD Prime ROI Apna Pack2800
12 monthsHD Prime ROI Sapna Pack3370
12 monthsHD Supreme ROI Apna Pack3480
12 monthsHD Supreme ROI Sapna Pack4020
12 monthsHD Ultra ROI Apna Pack4140
12 monthsHD Ultra ROI Sapna Pack4650

Sun Direct DTH Customer Care Number

If you need some more details or have any complaint regarding your existing Sun direct Connection, you can contact the Customer Care executive at any time. The Sun Direct Customer Care executive will help you to solve your problem, There are Four ways to contact and complaint to Sun Direct.

1. Sun Direct Customer Care Toll-Free Number.

These Numbers are free of charge, It means you don’t have to pay for the Calls, For help, your queries just contact the Sun Direct DTH customer care on Toll-Free Number

1800-123- 7575 / 1800-103- 7575

24*7 HelpLine 7601012345

2. Contact Sun Direct By Email

You can contact to sun direct by sending an Email to sun direct customer care. Wait for few times to get respond because there may happen sometime to replay.

Drop your email on

3. Contact on their websites.

Contact by visiting on the official web portal of Sun Direct, Here you can get multiple options to contact and the supporting teams are always here to help you. You can chat with the customer care executive by choosing a chat option and filling your details.


How to get a new Sun Direct Connection?

If you want to buy a new Sun Direct Connection Then Here is the Answer for Your Question and it’s really good to start a New Sun Direct DTH Connection. For Buying Or Get a New Sun Direct Connection Just Follow the Ways Given Below.

There are several ways to get a New Sun Direct Connection.

1. Contact Your Near Retailer shop.

This is the best and easy way to get your new connection on Sun Direct. Visit the retailer shop and get the complete details about Plans and subscription. Buy a new connection and the retailer will help you to set the set-top-box in your house. 

2. Call Sun direct customer care.

Call to this 7601012345 Number and get the details from Sun Direct Customer care executive. Book a new connection by giving your address and phone number. The Sun Direct Customer Care Executive Running on 24/7 so you can contact any time.

3. By Visiting Sun Direct Official Website.

You can book a new Sun Direct on Online. the online service is enabled in the official website of Sun Direct To book Online. Just Visit SUN DIRECT NEW CONNECTION and choose your Subscription Select your Package and Fill your Details then Submit.

How to Recharge Sun Direct Online.

Online Recharging Portals helps you to choose the Best suitable Sun Direct Recharge packs. This facility helps you to recharge from anywhere at any time. You can recharge from your home, Office, College, Cafe etc. No need to contact your retail shop operators for Update your recharge subscriptions.

Wia this online recharge of sun direct portal you can recharge instantly secure and fast payment recharging on your Mobile phone Applications. And the payment procedure is also an easy process that you can pay through your credit card, debit card or Net banking wallets.

Recharge on Sun Direct Quickrecharge 

Sun Direct DTH Recharge on Freecharge

Sun Direct DHT Recharge on Rechargeitnow

Sun Direct DTH Recharge on Paytim

Sun Direct DTH Recharge on Mobikwik


Thank you for reading this Sun direct recharge plans, Sun Direct Offers and subscription, Sun DTH Online recharge offers and price list.

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