Free Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download | Create Own Personal Stickers For Whatsapp

Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download techgalatta

Free Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download | Create Own Personal Stickers For Whatsapp

Do you like Whatsapp? I think you may be..! Nowadays WhatsApp is rolling out everywhere whether it is school, colleges, office, and business places etc. There is no android mobile without installing the WhatsApp. So here WhatsApp again introducing a new killer feature called as WhatsApp sticker.


sticker maker for whatsapp

you can know to check this feature and learn how to send stickers on WhatsApp and enable WhatsApp stickers. Here you can get Sticker maker for WhatsApp, read the complete post to know more about how to use this feature.

This WhatsApp sticker feature allows you to send different types and design of stickers through WhatsApp to your friends and family. WhatsApp provides a punch of stickers that you can freely download and use in your mobile.

But is it enough? absolutely not.

sticker maker for whatsapp

you can not send your desired custom stickers. And these features are currently not available in WhatsApp. However, here we are going to help you to create your own personal stickers on WhatsApp through “Sticker Maker For Whatsapp” Application.

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Free Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download

The custom WhatsApp sticker feature is not more available on WhatsApp But there is an alternative solution, you can use this feature by installing Third-party app “Sticker Maker For Whatsapp” Download.

You can turn your photos from gallery to a sticker through this application. To use this feature you need to download sticker maker for WhatsApp. This application is very easy to use, any common man can also able to create a new sticker for his preference.

Here the download link is given, Just download, install and follow the steps to how to use this sticker maker for WhatsApp

sticker maker for whatsapp download

sticker maker for whatsapp download

The main features of Sticker maker for WhatsApp.

  • Easy to use, anyone can able to use the application.
  • Add your custom images and convert it into stickers.
  • Now you can create your custom celebration stickers.
  • Create wishing stickers on your own and save.

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Additional Information of Sticker Maker For Whatsapp

Current VersionRequires AndroidContent Rating
0.0.0-274.1 and upRated for 3+

How to make own sticker in WhatsApp

Before getting this tutorial you need to confirm whether your WhatsApp version supports the sticker feature. Keep learning about How to make own sticker in WhatsApp. 

If your WhatsApp is not showing the sticker option then you need to update the WhatsApp from play store or apple store in IOS. Still you not able to access after the update then no option, you have to wait.

sticker maker for whatsapp

so let’s begin.

The day you are sharing others creation is come to an end, Now it’s your turn! Just install the App, Learn the basic, create your own sticker images and share your creation. This Sticker maker for WhatsApp application enables you to create and send your own custom designs and images. To make own sticker in WhatsApp you need to follow these steps.

Create your Own Personal Stickers for Whatsapp

Step 1. First, you need to download the Third party app called “Sticker maker for WhatsApp”. Download the app from play store or just click Here Download Sticker maker for WhatsApp.

Step 2. Open the Sticker Maker App and tap on the + icon indicating Create a new sticker packs. In this step you need to create a new sticker pack, Now write the Sticker pack name and author name then tap on Create Option.

Step 3. Your sticker pack is ready, now make stickers in the sticker pack. Open the New sticker pack, In this example, I am created happy new year sticker pack. now open the sticker pack to create a bunch of new stickers.

Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download

Step 4. you can create up to 30 stickers in a pack. so here first create a tray icon for your sticker pack for the purpose of easy identification in more number of packs.

Step 5. Tap on the tray icon to create then pick an image to start. select your image file and Allow the permission to access your photos from gallery.  

Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download

Step 6. Draw an outline from the image and Yes to save the stickers. For creating a sticker pack you must create minimum three stickers to export to WhatsApp.

Step 7. After creating 3 or more stickers Press on Publish Sticker pack. and a pop-up window showing for your confirmation, click on Yes publish. Now, all done. Go to WhatsApp now you will be able to catch the stickers which you have recently created.

Sticker Maker For Whatsapp Download


Final words.

Thank you for reading this article. feel free to ask your question about this new feature in the comment section, If you have any doubts then keep the comment your question and tell us your opinion on this Sticker maker for WhatsApp, How to make own sticker in WhatsApp and how to use WhatsApp sticker maker. 

Maybe your luck there is more chances to viral your sticker. If the sticker is stupendous More and more peoples can forward the stickers you created, its do not make any money but the enjoyment and gratification you get its awesome.

sticker maker for whatsapp

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