Pix Smart BackPack Price in India | Best LED Animotive Backpack Specification and Complete Description.

Pix Smart BackPack Price in India | Best LED Animotive Backpack Specification and Complete Description. 

Hello Guys! You probably know what is our today’s topic. Absolutely its nothing an another then the Pix Smart Backpack and review. Let’s Know more about the Pix Smart Backpacks Price, Specification, Description and more Interesting Things you don’t know before.

Images Credit To >> Kickstarter
In this Digital world, we are moving ourself to the Digitalized lifestyle and You know already the power of Digital technology. Everyone using the Digital medium day to day life, and making the digital product in a smart way to attracting more peoples. we saw the smartphone, smart tv, smart watches, and much more smart things.

But did you ever hear about Digital backpack?

Backpacks are becoming a member of the family of digital wearables and accessories with pix‘s declaration of a “smart backpack” that permits you to put digital images on the fabric to expose off your personal style. This allows you can put electronic images on your Pix backpack. 

The VentureBeat says that “users can easily and quickly control Pix’s appearance with a mobile app via Bluetooth connectivity.”

And what Technical guruji thinking about this Pix Smart Backpack. >>>see the complete review.

It’s a backpack that doubles as a display capable of showcasing images, animations and even games.

Pix Smart BackPack specification

Images Credit To >> Kickstarter

1) Pixelated electronic images

You can put Pixelated electronic images of everything from cartoon characters to a video game on the back side of pix digital backpack. This includes a library full of pictures, widgets, games, and animations for user choose from. This backpack can display many things as like social media notifications, time and date, cyclist turning signals, weather and you can also create your own design by connecting to your mobile device. 

2) Water-resistant and shock-resistant 

This backpack is water resistant and also shock resistance, you can carry this on any weather. And Pix believes that this features of the backpack will be trendy for people who are on daily adventuring, walking.

3) Easy accessibility

The Pix smart backpacks can be accessible and control by connecting from your phone app via Bluetooth and the app is available in android and ios also. So everyone can handle very easily this mobile app. This available in four colors: grey, purple, blue and yellow. It has a colored screen built in the shell.

4) Price in us

Pix will cost $200 for those who preorder on Kickstarter.

5) Technical specification

  • Build-in screen to show the visuals and pictures.
  • Powered by power bank  2A output or USB Type-A power bank. A 20,000 mAh power bank, which will power PIX for about 12 hours
  • The companion app, which available in both Android and iOS also.
  • Ample storage space, you can storage a good amount of things in the back
  • Durable design, looking simple and dashing.
  • 4 color options for your favourite taste.

6) What you can put in side the back packs

It has a notebook pockdt, power bank pocket, Documents compartment, Key leash, Bottle strap, Pen pocket, Chargers pocket, 15” laptop pocket, table pocke and secured pocket.

7) Pix Smart BackPack Price in India.

There is no official notification from the Kickstarter to launch in India. It may be expected to be released soon in India. The price may be around 12k to 13k compared to us dollar.

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