Indonesia Plane Accident 188 passengers were aboard; 13 minutes after the take off was broken

Indonesia Plane Accident 188 passengers were aboard; 13 minutes after the takeoff was broken

Indonesia’s search and rescue team told Monday (October 29) that Lion Air Passenger Flight, which was going from Jakarta to Sumatra, crashed into the sea. This plane was missing immediately after the flight. Agency spokesman Yusuf Latif said, “It has been confirmed that the plane has crashed.” According to the officials, after 13 minutes of flying, the contact with the plane was broken. According to Air Tracking Service Flyterd 24, the plane which has crashed is Boeing 737 Max 8. There were 188 passenger rides on the crashed plane, but it is not fully known whether any of these survivors are safe or not? Lynn Air Group’s chief executive Edward Carat said, “At this time we can not react anyway. We are collecting all the information and data. “

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Indonesia’s agency said that 188 passengers and crew members were aboard the plane. Agency spokesman Suetopo Puano Nugroho posted a broken picture, including a broken smartphone, books, bags, and parts of the aircraft fuselage, the Twitter post, which was collected by the rescue and search team. Rescue and Head of the search agency Mohammed Suugi said that “debris found in the place where the contact of Lion Air was broken by air traffic officials. We do not yet know whether there is any survivor in this event or not? We can only pray for his skill with the aforesaid. “
2013 also crashed Lion Air’s aircraft:  Lion Air is Indonesia’s cheap air service. In 2013, the Lion Air Flight crashed into the sea before landing at Angurah Roy International Airport in Bali. All 108 passengers aboard in it survived. In 2004, the plane, which was carrying Lion Air from Jakarta, crashed into the 538 Solo cities. 25 people died in this.

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