How to Enable WhatsApp Stickers, New Update [100%] Working || How to send stickers on whatsapp.

enable whatsapp stickers

How to Enable WhatsApp Stickers, New Update [100%] Working || How to send stickers on whatsapp.

WhatsApp users were waiting for this feature for a long time. The new Stickers feature is rolling slowly and all users can take some time to reach the device.  As you saw, you will be able to send new and big stickers in Whatsapp. So let’s see how to send stickers on whatsapp, how to activate stickers on whatsapp, How to Enable WhatsApp Stickers, How to Use WhatsApp Stickers Officially, whatsapp sticker update 2.18.329.

enable whatsapp stickers

How to Enable WhatsApp Stickers, How to send stickers on whatsapp.

How to find this sticker and send stickers on whatsapp. This option will be found on the updated whatsapp version, for getting this option you need to update your whatsapp messenger once.
  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Search for WhatsApp and click on the button «Update» the application. You need version 2.18.329 to be able to use the “stickers“.
  3. Go to a chat and click on the emotion of the smiling face as if you were going to send an “emoji”.
  4. When this option is displayed, at the bottom right, next to “GIF”, a new icon appears: the “stickers” sticker.
  5. Next, in the top left the menu, the “stickers” collections that you have on your “smartphone” appear. By default, comes a nice cup of coffee.
  6. Click on the «sticker» you want to send.
  7. In the same menu, you have three more icons: a clock, where you can see the “stickers” used recently; a star, the favorites, and the one of a heart, grouped by feelings (joy, love, sadness, and surprise).
  8. If you want to expand the “stickers” collection, click on the “+” symbol, located to the right of the whole.
  9. From the tab ” All stickers ” you will see the options that exist. You will only have to download the ones you like the most.
  10. At the end of the whole, you have the option « Get more stickers », to download others from third parties.
  11. In « My stickers » all those that are part of your collection are saved.
  12. If you want to add a sticker to your collection sent by a friend on WhatsApp, click on it and click «See more» – «Download».
This whatsapp stickers option is available on Android version 2.18.329 and also IOS 2.18.100. how to enable whatsapp stickers and how to send stickers on whatsapp.
enable whatsapp stickers
enable whatsapp stickers

If you are unable to find the whatsapp sticker option

I want to tell you something, If you have this android version but still can’t find the stickers, what will you do? You have to wait or other option available you can reinstall your whatsapp. 
Before going to reinstall do the backup of your whatsapp conversation and messages, now reinstall your whatsapp.
Because Whenever you reinstall Whatsapp, the most updated configuration is downloaded from the server directly.
The company has just released 12 sticker packs. However, users will later be able to download the new sticker pack from the store and also delete the existing sticker pack.
To use the Stickers, you must have the application updated. When opening a conversation, simply tap the new button to choose which you want to share. It is also possible to add new stickers packs, increasing the possibility of sending fun images in the application.

Conclusion: thanks for reading this How to send whatsapp stickers and how to send stickers on Whatsapp, I hope it helps you a lot, write your comment and ask you queries. thanks

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