Features and Specification of Wizphone wp006 buy online

There are some similarities to the Google WizPhone WP006 and Jio Phone. The first thing is that the look of both of them is somewhat similar. It has a 2.4-inch display screen. You will also find 512MB of RAM with 4GB internal storage. It has a battery of 1,800 MAH which can be said to power the phone. It also has a Google Assistant. There is a back camera of 2 megapixels and if you are fond of Selfie, then there will also be a VGA camera.

Features and Specification of Google WizPhone WP006 4G Phone

Features and Specification of Wizphone wp006 buy online

The WizPhone WP006 4G phone has a 2.4 inch screen display, which is available for 4GB internal storage with 512MB of RAM, the phone is powered by a battery power of 1800MAH, which is the phone That camera has got back camera 2 megapixel, and front camera is VGA, is the phone number in Indonesia worth IDR  99,000 (approx Rs. 490) that price has started, This phone is not available in India but maybe it will launch in India soon.

For now, there will also be a WizPhone WP006 or similar phone on Google, there is no word on it. But what we can see, WizPhone WP006 looks like a phone not made by Google but is blessed with Google’s service. So in India, it is possible that the company does not launch another feature phone 4G support, according to the fact that we already have Geophone and Geophone 2 available. Instead of launching a new phone, Google T.O. can work with Geo to add a service to Geophos.

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