“Diwali holiday in Tamilnadu 2018″Diwali day before holiday: Tamilnadu government announcement.

wali holiday in tamilnadu 2018

“Diwali holiday in Tamilnadu 2018″Diwali day before the holiday: Tamilnadu government announcement.


wali holiday in tamilnadu 2018
wali holiday in tamilnadu 2018
The government has issued a government holiday on Nov 5, the day before Deepavali.

The government holiday has been announced in India, Myanmar, Singapore, Fiji, Nepal and Sri Lanka for the Deepavali festival. Apart from Hindus, Sikhs and Jains are celebrating this for different reasons.

Diwali holiday in Tamilnadu 2018

Diwali festival is celebrated on November 6th. November 6 comes on Tuesday. Due to Deepavali, the people who go to their hometowns on Sundays (Monday, November 5), leave for offices on the day, and the next day was to celebrate Deepavali. It was a great problem for the people who went out to the outskirts.

Diwali Holiday in Tamilnadu 2018.

The problem of this practice was taken to the attention of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
The Government of Tamil Nadu has issued a Government holiday on November 5, the day before Deepavali. On November 10, instead of November 5, the working day is announced. Diwali has got four days holidays.

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