Amritsar Train Accident Today News Live: Amritsar Accident Today Video, Railway Has Done The Edge.

Amritsar Train Accident Today News Live: Amritsar Accident Today Video, Railway Has Done The Edge.

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Amritsar Train Accident Today

New Delhi: 58 people have been killed in the tragic accident that occurred on Dussehra in Amritsar, Punjab, while many others were injured. This incident happened when hundreds of people gathered around the railway track in the added gate area for Ravana combustion. The train going to Amritsar from Jalandhar came at a fast speed and passed hundreds of people in their grip. It takes only 10 to 15 seconds for the train to pass through. After that, there was a stroke.

Everyone is sad after the accident. The sore is lost. In such a case, the question of how such a major negligence was done and who is ultimately responsible for it? While standing up the railway, the Railways said that no negligence was done on their side.

Railway Board Chairman, Ashwini Lohani said, “It would be wrong to say that the Railways are responsible for the accident. There are two crossings on that track, both were closed. This is the man line. There is no speed restriction. ‘ He said that the railway administration was not informed about the Dussehra festival near the main line. People were watching the Dussehra festival from the railway track. People need to be more vigilant, they should not encroach on the railway track.

Amritsar Train Accident Today Video

Amritsar train accident news

Despite being so crowded, the officer said, “There was enough smoke there due to which the driver was unable to see anything and was also on the train.”

One eyewitness said, “Congress organized a Dussehra event without permission. Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife was the chief guest at the function and he continued to give a speech while people were coming down to the train. Some people say that they left the car after the accident.

Amritsar train accident: 5 things related to Amritsar train accident

1. Railways have released helpline number for the families of the victims of the train accident in Amritsar (Amritsar). Officials said that information on the incident can be obtained by calling 01832223171 and 01832564485. Phone number 0183-2440024, 0183-2402927 and Ferozepur’s helpline number 01632-1072 of Manvalola station.

2. Amritsar’s first sub-divisional magistrate Rajesh Sharma has confirmed 61 deaths. He said that at least 72 injured have been admitted to Amritsar Hospital. At the same time, the railway said that information was not given to the Dussehra program (Amritsar train accident) near the accident site in Amritsar. We did not give any permission for this. An official of the railway said that the deposit of people near the accident site is a clear case of encroachment.

3. Local officials said that after the split of Ravana combustion and crackers, some of the crowd started moving towards the railway tracks where already a large number of people were standing and watching Ravana combustion. He said that at the same time, two trains came together from two opposite directions and people had little time to escape. 

4. After the incident, people shouted slogans against Navjot Kaur Sidhu who was present as the chief guest during the Ravana combustion program. However, Navjot Kaur denied that the time of the accident was present there. He later said that immediately after the accident, he reached the hospital. He said that the railway should have ensured that during the Dussehra event, the speed of the train was slow on this track of the track.

5. The Punjab government also announced compensation of Rs five lakh for the families of the deceased. The Chief Minister has announced free treatment for all those injured in the accident. President Ramnath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed grief at the death of people in the accident. PM Modi has instructed the officials to provide immediate help. Modi has announced compensation of Rs two lakh for the relatives of the victims and Rs 50 thousand for the injured.

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